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Digital Garden: Conflict between Republic of Moldova and Prednedstrovian Moldovan Republic


Marqualand Norris (Swarthmore College)


Dr. Erin Hutchinson (University of Colorado Boulder)

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This project is a Digital Garden that highlights the escalation of conflict between the region of the present-day Republic of Moldova and the de-facto Prednedstrovian Moldovan Republic (PMR). From the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, until the documentary of Transnistrian voices from Goriachie Tochki in 1992, this project includes a Timeline, a map collection, primary documents, and a bookshelf to comprehensively understand the cause of the Transnistrian Conflict. It multifariously outlines the necessity for change and independence in Transnistria from 1917 to 1992 and can serve as an information hub for those interested in the research on the region.