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Think Tank Organizers and Mentors Speak at Kennan Institute Event

February 17, 2022

Think tank organizer Dr. Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, mentors Dr. Louis Porter and Kimberly St. Julian Varnon, and Alexa Kurmanova discussed "their personal experiences navigating professional and academic institutions in Russian studies" and researching marginalized communities in the Kennan Institute panel, “Missed Histories: Overlooked Stories in Russian Studies from the Overlooked,” on Thursday, Feb. 17 at 1 pm ET.‍

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Slavic & East European Journal Publishes Symposium on Equity

February 28, 2021

The Winter Issue of SEEJ featured the symposium "Working Toward Equity in Slavic Studies," including articles from think tank organizers Drs. Colleen Lucey, Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, and Sunnie Rucker-Chang, as well as from think tank faculty mentors Dr. Thomas Jesús Garza, Emily Wang, and Rachel Stauffer.

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Slavic Review Features Critical Discussion Forum on Race and Bias

September 10, 2021

Think Tank organizers Drs. Kelly Knickmeier Cummings, Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, and Sunnie Rucker-Chang, as well as program mentors Drs. Joy Gleason Carew, Emily Wang, and Louis Porter, published articles in this essential forum on race and bias in Slavic Review.

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